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10 Alternative Knee Pain Treatment Options Reviewed For Results!

Alternative medicine in itself is not new. In fact, many of the methods we consider alternative today were the only medical options available in their day. Some exceptions to this include cryotherapy, a newer and abundantly promising alternative pain relief technique. If you’re considering alternative knee pain treatment options, start with this list of the top 10 available now, including the new natural cryo sauna solution that promotes continual relief from joint and muscle pain:

1. Supplements and Herbs: Few alternative healing options are as well known as supplements, which is unusual since there us a lot of misleading information pertaining to their quality, dosage and effectiveness. That’s thanks to a lack of regulation in the supplement industry, which means that many synthetic products that you may find at your local drugstore are untested and potentially unsafe. Compounds found in nature can be dangerous (remember, snake venom is “natural”) and side effects can and do occur. It’s a big risk to take considering there is no documented evidence that any natural supplement will contribute to knee pain treatment.

2. Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a widely accepted form of natural pain relief therapy. However, its use on the knee isn’t as well documented as other parts of the body. Further, side effects like bruising, tingling and muscle twitching have occurred (although rare), and some people experience discomfort after the experience.

3. Mind and Body Healing: The stress reduction that can come from mind and body healing can have a significant impact on the way that pain is perceived in some individuals. But the results are not documentable, and not everyone has the same results. It’s not considered an effective form of knee pain treatment, but there is no question that reducing stress will promote many body benefits.

4. Massage: Massage may hold some promise in providing long term pain relief, but its use for the knees is not as supported as it is for the neck and back. Studies are preliminary, but it’s clear that massage has at least short term benefits in terms of promoting alternative pain relief.

5. Cryotherapy Sauna: An up and coming contender for the best natural solution in knee pain treatment is whole body cryotherapy. Aside from cryotherapy contraindications where health conditions like those of the heart and kidneys can be dangerous, there are no side  effects associated with the treatment and the results are documented via a series of clinical studies. Users find that pain from health conditions and injuries can be relieved with repeated use, and the system has become wildly popular with professional athletes, making it a common choice in runner’s knee treatment. Aside from its use in promoting faster recovery between events, cryotherapy sports injuries are also documented, where the immune boosting effects of the deep freeze therapy promotes faster healing. It’s for these reasons that cryotherapy may be one of the best new alternative methods in knee pain treatment whether caused by a condition like arthritis or an injury.

6. Topical Pain Relief: Creams and rubs are regularly available over the counter and some of them can be effective at providing very temporary relief for knee joint pain and other muscle and joint discomfort. However, in terms of natural topical solutions, essential oils and dry herb rubs provide little in the way of actual healing, and some can cause unwanted reactions on the skin’s surface.

7. Energy Based Techniques: Reiki is one of the most popular forms of energy based healing, and the practice centers around drawing from the body’s own energy reserves to combat pain. There are no studies that have shown that energy healing techniques can provide joint pain relief, and it’s not considered a viable form of knee pain treatment.

8. Dietary Changes: Dietary changes can lead to a healthier weight and a better overall feeling of well being, however, ingestible anti inflammatories and pain relievers haven’t scored very high on the credibility scale. There is little to link pain relief to dietary intake, although some preliminary studies have pointed to gluten-free low fat vegan diets being associated with reduced sensations of pain.

9. Infrared Sauna: There is little debate that infrared saunas are soothing, relaxing and comforting. And, the heat they produce can unwind tense muscles and the sweating they produce can temporarily improve circulation. While some pain relief from infrared saunas has been noted, the results haven’t been substantial enough for any credibility to the method’s use in knee pain treatment.

10. Physiotherapy: It’s important to note that physiotherapy is considered a medical methodology and not an alternative treatment. It has been proven effective to improve range of motion, reduce pain and provide education that can be used to reduce further need for knee pain treatment. It is best, however, in conjunction with either medical care or other means to reduce pain. Physiotherapy, for instance, in conjunction with whole body cryotherapy can be abundantly beneficial, with proven pain relieving cryotherapy results perfectly complementing the long term benefits of physiotherapy.

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