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5 Best Jiu Jitsu Schools in Toronto – How to Choose?

Jiu Jitsu Schools in Toronto

With the increasing popularity of this grappling-based martial art, more and more people are looking for good Jiu Jitsu schools. Originated in Japan, this martial art which involves no use of weapons or use of small and light weapons, focuses on controlling the resisting opponent. Jiu jitsu not only allows you learn self-defense but it…

10 Jiu Jitsu Tips For Beginners – From Setting Goals to the Attitude

Jiu Jitsu (AKA Jujutsu) is a martial art which requires vigorous physical activity. Though the “Jiu Jitsu” literally means “soft art”, it cannot be done softly and you always need a few Jiu Jitsu tips and tricks to perform well. Jiu Jitsu, hailing from Japan, involves fighting without weapons or only light weight ones.