Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

5 Best New Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Options Revealed!

The most common forms of rheumatoid arthritis treatment are medications, whether they be over the counter pain relievers or prescription pills taken every day. They are used to treat the muscle and joint pain associated with the condition that gets progressively worse over time. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease characterized by the body’s attacking of its own tissues (and even organs). It can be incredibly painful and can interfere with daily activities. For this reason, there are many alternative rheumatoid arthritis treatment options that many sufferers consider, whether in conjunction with their medications or in lieu of in order to obtain natural pain relief. Some new and exciting options are available for RA sufferers, and while some are more effective than others at relieving joint pain and inflammation, all may be worth considering depending on your specific needs.

1. Magnet Therapy: There is much debate over the actual benefits and recorded results of magnetic therapy for arthritis; however in some studies, participants using magnets for pain relief did fare better than those in the placebo group. There is no specific evidence to support magnet therapy as an effective rheumatoid arthritis treatment, and scientists aren’t quite sure just exactly how it is that magnet therapy works. However, some users attest that strategically placed magnets can help reduce some of the discomfort associated with RA.

2. Acupuncture: The ancient Chinese art of placing hundreds of needles at precise points on the body is not only condoned by the medical community, it’s even covered by some insurance plans. It’s thought to help reduce pain and keep the body from developing a tolerance to pain relief. Acupuncture for arthritis relief is quite popular, although in the absence of insurance coverage can be costly and is considered a long term treatment option.

3. Infrared Saunas: Unlike the saunas that are used following a swim, infrared saunas provide targeted infrared light at certain parts of the body to promote pain relief. The heat combined with the promotion of intense sweating is thought to trigger changes in the body that can provide an effective means of rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Related conditions such as osteoarthritis can also be managed with infrared sauna (read more about it here). By stimulating internal processes with directed infrared heat, the body can ramp up its metabolic and circulatory functions leading to reduced pain in the short term.

4. Whole Body Cryotherapy: Originally developed for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, whole body cryotherapy (there is also a location specific option) is useful for the long term management of pain caused from muscles and joints. Essentially, by deep cooling the external skin, the body’s immune system kicks into over drive, making repairs throughout the body and reducing swelling and inflammation. In fact, it’s so effective in this regard that athletes all around the world use it. Runners hail cryotherapy as an effective form of knee pain treatment, and professional basketball players use it to reduce recovery time following training and games. In terms of reducing aches and pains, cryotherapy may be one of the most underutilized and potentially more effective than supplements forms of rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

5. Mind and Body Therapy: It may seem silly that meditation and mind and body healing are considered treatments for RA, and they certainly are not stand alone solutions. However, when combined with other direct forms of treatment like cryotherapy, mind and body practices can be an effective component of rheumatoid arthritis treatment. It’s no secret that stress reduction can lead to a healthier body, and there is even evidence to suggest that mind and body therapy may help with pain perception as well. Click here for more info about the benefits of cryosauna for mental health.

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