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7 Best Muay Thai Fighter Gurus to Follow Right Now!

If you’re serious about Muay Thai whether to improve your techniques via tutorials, get inspired by fight videos, enhance your Muay Thai training via a series of intense workouts, or get post-workout or post-fight tips, then you need to check out these 7 best Muay Thai fighter gurus and Youtube channels.


Weighing only 106 lb or 47 kg, Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu is arguably the most popular female Muay Thai fighter with over 500 regularly uploaded videos on her Youtube channel that has over 16,000 subscribers. The videos document her journey of learning the Muay Thai techniques taught by her founding teacher Master K, as well as her fights now that she became a professional Muay Thai fighter in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


While still building his Youtube subscriber base, Don is one of our 10 best Muay Thai fighter gurus that deserves recognition for the quality of Muay Thai tips and techniques presented in his videos. His mission is to help you be the best Nak Muay you can be, by providing you with online training from strength and conditioning, sparring drills, or pad work, to the Muay Thai sport psychology, food, and sleep!


Funk Roberts is a former professional athlete turned the go-to expert when it comes to workouts for combat sports athletes. He is an MMA Conditioning Coach, Certified Personal and Metabolic Trainer, Kettlebell, and Plyometrics Specialist. Funk is also a Fat Loss Expert with a mission to help you become a better combat fighter by burning fat, building lean muscle, improving endurance and speed, and getting fit. The “Train Hard, Fight Eazy and Get It Done!” powerhouse has nearly 120,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel!


Acumen Athletics is a holistic guide developed by Danny Millet, a professional Muay Thai fighter, for combat athletes. Danny’s Youtube channel covers the latest on strength and conditioning, nutrition, supplements, and mental training. One of his specialties is to break down techniques from a variety of fights. His insight is valuable to both Muay Thai fighters and those training just for fun and love of the sport.


Sean Fagan is a recently turned pro Muay Thai fighter, and one of Cryotherapy Toronto celebrity clients and advocates. Sean is an amateur Muay Thai champion with a 19-5 record. With nearly 48,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, he is also the owner of website. Both are full of Muay Thai training tips, technique videos, fight videos, Thailand video blogs, nutritional advice, and more!


With videos released regularly, Stuart Tomlinson’s Youtube channel with over 57,000 subscribers has some of the best tutorials on martial arts in general out there, including Muay Thai. Each video is detailed and offers the best in tutorials, drills, and other information from Muay Thai, MMA, Judo, Kickboxing, BJJ, Taekwondo, Wrestling, and Systema.


The well-recognized creator of martial arts breakdowns and specializing in striking arts, Lawrence is a must-follow Muay Thai fighter guru endorsed by many celebrities, such as Joe Rogan, Robin Black, the Muay Thai Legend Johny Wayne Parr, elite martial artists, and major fight camps. At nearly 94,000 Youtube subscribers on his channel, his focus has been on covering legendary fighters, and the martial artists who have done notable things for various combat sports.

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