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5 Shocking Best Natural Allergy Remedies for Pollen!

Natural allergy remedies may not be as instantly effective as chemical symptom suppressants found at your local drugstore, but you believe in natural healing methods so you are determined! You’ve tried them all for your seasonal allergy relief: natural over-the-counter pills, and even alternative medicine treatment methods such as acupuncture for allergies and other arguably worst natural remedies for allergies… But you are still experiencing unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms of annual pollen allergy.

Natural Allergy RemediesChances are, your symptoms keep getting worse year after year, together with your deteriorating health. Fortunately, you are ready to take charge of your health….naturally; you are watching your diet and are exercising to boost your immune system. These, as you know, contribute to your overall health improvement which, in turn, helps suppress the seasonal allergy sinus, watery eyes, headaches and even sore throat symptoms.

All you need now is to find an effective non-chemical pollen allergy relief solution to help you get through those challenging days as your body is slowly becoming healthier. And in this article we’ll cover 5 such solutions that might surprise or even shock you.

5 Best Natural Allergy Remedies for Pollen That Might Shock You!

1. Saline Rinses: Pollen becomes most problematic when it collects and resides in parts of the body that allow its full allergenic potential to come into bloom, such as the nose. Saline rinses are one of the cheapest natural allergy remedies. It is an effective way to keep the nose clean and clear of pollen and prevent symptoms from forming in the first place. It’s important to remember that saline is only effective if used before pollen allergy symptoms become apparent, and using it periodically throughout the day when pollen counts are high will provide the highest level of effectiveness.

2. Washing Body and Hair Regularly: It may seem like plain common sense rather than one of the shocking best natural allergy remedies for pollen, but washing the hair and body vigorously after spending time outdoors is absolutely critical to staving off pollen allergy symptoms. And yet most people are not aware. Tiny, invisible particles of pollen can hang around in the hair and on the skin and can wreak havoc later on, bringing about nasal and sinus discomfort. Best to hit the showers after basking in the great outdoors when pollen levels are high.

3. Butterbur: Are you looking for best natural allergy remedies for pollen that can pack as much of a punch as some over-the-counter medicines? Well, consider butterbur, a weed found all across Europe that studies have shown may be as effective as many of the best allergy medication products, such as Zyrtec. Not only can using the herb provide the relief that pollen allergy sufferers seek, it does so without promoting drowsiness, a common side effect.

4. Stinging Nettle: Stinging nettle has long been used for seasonal allergy symptoms thanks to its ability to keep the body from producing histamines. Like butterbur, stinging nettle can provide allergy symptom relief without some of the side effects that medicines can produce like tiredness and dry mouth. Stinging nettle is one of the most popular natural allergy remedies for pollen in terms of herbs and is easy to find in fresh and freeze dried form. However, it’s important to remember that handling the plant may lead to irritation of the skin, and caution is advisable.

In this video, Dr. Roger Sahoury dishes on natural allergy remedies.

5. Cryotherapy Saunas: Cryotherapy saunas are becoming incredibly popular in the Toronto area and all across Canada and can be found at the Cryotherapy Health And Wellness Inc. center. Cryosauna use in the United States has been notable by a whole host of professional athletes and entertainment celebrities on such popular TV shows as Dancing With The Stars and Ricki Lake. While the benefits of cryotherapy have been tied mostly with physical rehabilitation and muscle repair, entire body benefits to overall health have been observed in some studies.

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been associated with medical benefits to just about any type of illness, including allergies. Amongst natural remedies for allergies, cryotherapy may be one of the best choices because the body can benefit from cold therapy in numerous ways while allergies can be suppressed. And, while the cost of cryotherapy may be higher than a pack of pills from the pharmacy, it’s associated with no side effects in otherwise healthy people and under proper use and can bring simultaneous relief to conditions like arthritis as well. Read our FAQ section to answer some of your most common questions!

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