Foot And Ankle Injury

Foot And Ankle Injury Pain Relief Methods And After Care

The foot along with the ankle that holds the foot are amongst the most heavily used parts of the body and are necessary for everyday functions like movement and walking as well as athletic activities too. Because so much relies on them, feet and ankle injuries are not uncommon, and they can occur in just about everyone whether they are regularly physically active or not.

Read below for some proper home care and treatment options for your foot and ankle injury in order to help you make informed decisions about the treatment options so as to help reduce pain and discomfort and possibly shorten recovery time, too!

The R.I.C.E. Method is Ideal for Almost Every Type of Injury to the Foot or Ankle: Whether the result of a trip and fall or related to years and years of overuse, initial treatment for almost any foot and ankle injury is actually similar. Icing, compressing, elevating and of course resting the affected area can all help to reduce pain and discomfort and shorten healing time as well. In many cases, this home treatment alone may suffice for an injury, however it should not serve as substitute for an evaluation from a health care provider if applicable. Always consult your doctor to diagnose your type of foot and ankle injury.

Alternative Treatments Are Available: Although home care is appropriate for many injuries to your foot and ankle, it may not always be enough. Before considering more invasive treatments, it’s important to consider the many new and exciting treatment options now being offered at sports injury clinic Toronto based locations as well as in other large cities around the world. For instance, Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment such as Cryotherapy Health And Wellness Inc. offers, has shown to stimulate a range of self healing responses within the body as well as promoting a feeling of well being. Reported results have made the technology popular with athletes and celebrities like Tony Robbins alike loyal users, many of which praise the procedure for it’s inflammation and pain relieving benefits. Finding the best Cryotherapy Toronto has to offer isn’t challenging as it’s becoming much more readily available. Persons in other metropolitan areas may want to check sports physiotherapy centers or injury rehab clinics for availability. Whole Body Cryotherapy has shown to be more effective short and especially long term than the regular icing method because it boosts the entire immune system and doesn’t just numb or cools off the single affected area. Nearly instant pain relief can often be felt for several hours following the safe and non invasive procedure. Any additional pain relief session helps speed up the recovery time.

After Care Is Important: Regardless of whether foot and ankle injuries are caused from overuse or sudden trauma, physical activity following an initial period of rest is critical to restoring full movement and proper healing. It’s best to work with a doctor to develop a plan for healthy activity, but generally speaking, safe and planned therapeutic activity is important to helping injuries of the ankles and feet heal properly.

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