How to Prevent Allergies

How to Prevent Allergies – 5 Seasonal Allergy Tips


According to experts, this year is going to be even less tolerable for those suffering from seasonal allergies. Due to the amount of snowfall this harsh and prolonged winter has brought us, mildew has been created on the ground which will result in plants becoming more potent and there will be more growing weeds than ever.

Check out our 5 tips on how to prevent allergies and reduce the occurrence of unpleasant seasonal allergy symptoms. If you are one of millions of people with seasonal allergy problems and worried your time outside might be ruined due to weeds and pollen, these are for you:

1. Wear a protective mask when gardening or doing yard work.

2. Use high efficiency particulate air filters in air conditioners to better trap pollen spores.

3. Protect your eyes with sunglasses when outdoors to reduce the amount of pollen coming into the eyes

4. Wash your hair at the end of the day to wash out the pollens. That will help avoid pollen transfer to the pillowcase.

5. Try Whole Body Cryotherapy cold sauna treatments. There hasn’t been a better time to give it a chance because you have probably tried everything else during your search on how to prevent allergies. With an average of 10 sessions of Cryotherapy treatments you can give yourself the gift of being allergy-free this upcoming season. Why so many can’t stop bragging about the unique and natural Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment?

Our bodies are an intricately designed synergy that with the right food and treatment is capable of complete self balancing and protection. However, in attempts to adapt to constantly deteriorating conditions it loses some functions and becomes blinded by constantly attacking enemies. Keeping that in mind all we need to do to feel good and stay healthy is from time to time revisit and adjust our nutrition, stay active  and give our body a little spank to motivate the brain to scan all the systems, find malfunctions and take care of them. For centuries, people exercised different techniques to gently stress and shock the body in order to optimize its systems. One of these techniques and by far the most favorable today (including for how to prevent allergies) is a treatment with extreme cold temperatures.

This treatment is called Cryotherapy / Cryosauna and isn’t only available, but also very brief, tolerable and accessible. With the qualified help of cryotherapy specialist our body is very capable of withstand extreme cold temperatures and responds with positive results every single time. The mechanism is quite simple. When our bodies experience extreme cold for 2-3 minutes during a Cryotherapy session, our brain receives a message that the body is in danger and starts scanning all the systems to find problems and start fixing them. Besides the intended self balancing we also experience few sidekicks, such as cellulite decrease and weight loss, improved skin conditions, complete body rejuvenation, energy boost and, of course, seasonal allergy relief. In fact, our Cryotherapy Toronto clients claim that cryo treatments is an effective way of how to prevent allergies.

Cryotherapy has originated in Japan in 1978 and became widely popular after a series of successful treatments and research studies. The methodology and cryotherapy treatment approach were then further developed in Europe, with advancements in a wide range of medical specialties.

The Whole Body treatment offers a multitude of benefits unmatched to any other, making it the ideal non-invasive, holistic option of how to prevent allergies.

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Our CryoSauna at Dufferin / Steeles intersection in Toronto can help you subside or even eliminate the harsh symptoms of seasonal allergies caused by the dysfunction of the immune system, which can be significantly strengthened during Cryo treatments sessions. It has been studied and observed that Whole Body Cryotherapy helps correct the immune system’s hypersensitivity to otherwise normally harmless environmental factors.

You can look younger, feel stronger and be allergy-free by just visiting our cryosauna for 2-3 minutes few times a week. Cryo treatments are described to be tolerable and more comfortable with each session. Watch this short video about our real client’s first cryosauna experience!

Click here to get answers to our most frequently asked questions about cryo treatment.

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