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Body Cryotherapy Toronto Activate


Upon entering an ergonomically shaped cryosauna at our Cryotherapy Toronto center, your body will be surrounded by very dry cooled nitrogen mist with an average temperature of -160C. Within up to 3 minute treatment, your skin’s cold sensors will send a signal to your brain causing the blood to rush and circulate through your entire core. As the toxins get flushed out, your blood gets oxygenated and enriched with all the vital nutrients and enzymes.

Cryotherapy Toronto Accelerate Step 2


At the end of your 2- 3 minute safe Whole Body Cryotherapy session, your newly oxygenated, nutrient and enzyme enhanced blood rushing through your cooled body accelerates the process of natural recovery. Endorphin release, metabolic rate and collagen production are all accelerated. You might feel an immediate reduction or numbness of pain for up to 6 hours!

Body Cryotherapy Toronto Recover


As the endorphin release helps your body to reduce pain and inflammation, the injury or pain recovery time is now shortened and the energy level gets significantly increased. The improved metabolic rate enables your body to burn more calories faster while the collagen production boosts whole body skin elasticity as well as smoothness. You may also notice a better sleep.

Watch Whole Body Cryotherapy in Action!

Bent TV checks out our crysauna as Cryotherapy Toronto’s Founder Roman explains how Whole Body Cryotherapy works!

Our client Daniella tries Whole Body Cryotherapy for the first time!

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