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Cryotherapy Equipment Explained – Cryo Chamber vs Sauna

Cryotherapy Equipment

You have seen Hollywood celebrities use it on Dancing with the Stars, you have heard Dr. Oz talk about it on his show as a safe and effective way to relieve pain and speed up injury recovery. Whole Body Cryotherapy is the process, originally conceived for arthritis pain management decades ago, that is usually conducted in a special cryotherapy equipment.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Side Effects – the Truth Revealed!

Cryotherapy Side Effects

When most people think of alternative treatment or natural therapies for pain management, they think of acupuncture or herbal supplements; but, there is one treatment that combines the effectiveness of natural analgesics with the reduced risk of side effects that methods like acupuncture are known for for a powerhouse solution to a wide variety of ailments.

Methadone Vs Suboxone Vs Cryosauna for Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management

There are numerous ways to help control chronic pain, but they all fall into two categories: medicinal therapy and natural therapy. Medicinal therapy includes both prescription and over the counter pain relievers, while natural therapy encompasses a much broader spectrum of techniques for pain management including herbs and supplements, physical and mental therapy and lifestyle changes amongst others.

Upper Leg Pain Post Treatment Do’s

Upper Leg Pain

Once you’ve identified the source of your upper leg pain, whether it is due to arthritis or a hamstring sports injury or another physical problem, your doctor will create a pain relief treatment plan for you. Considering that most people will only visit their medical professional to obtain that plan and/or prescription medication once, the post health problem recovery will not be regularly medically supervised. If you are one of those people who are looking to speed up their upper leg pain recovery process, ensure that you follow these 5 post- treatment Do’s: 1. Stay Hydrated: It’s shocking how little people seem to understand about the importance of staying hydrated and the effects that dehydration can have on the body – especially the muscles in your leg. And, perhaps less…

Lower Leg Muscle Pain Relief – 6 Mistakes To Avoid

Leg Muscle Pain

There are a great many things that can cause lower leg muscle pain. Some health conditions like diabetes and arthritis can be culprits, and of course sports injuries and physical problems can contribute as well. However, regardless of what is causing leg muscle pain, there are some crucial mistakes that are commonly made during treatment that can delay healing, reduce the effectiveness of pain relief techniques and even exacerbate the discomfort. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 mistakes often made during treatment for lower leg muscle pain that should be remembered and avoided: 1. Not Identifying Underlying Injuries if Present: It may seem like common sense, but it’s actually not uncommon for actual leg injuries to be brushed off entirely if there…

Osteoporosis Medication Side Effects and Alternative Treatment!

Osteoporosis Medication

Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones in the body are depleted at a greater rate than which they can be replenished. This in turn leads to bones that are more fragile and brittle, which can result in fractures and injury as the condition progresses. Typically, treatment for osteoporosis involves the use of medications, most commonly bisphosphonates. However, there are also other types of osteoporosis medication available, as well as hormonal therapy too. Each medication that is used to treat osteoporosis comes with a certain level of risk of mild, moderate and even severe side effects. This leads many to turn to natural pain management techniques to cope with symptoms, as well as natural methods to both help rebuild and protect the delicate…

Anti Osteoarthritis Diet – Foods to Avoid and Treatments to Consider!

Osteoarthritis Diet

For many people, treating osteoarthritis comes with one, if not multiple regular medications. These can lead to side effects and other problems that can leave some seeking natural treatment options instead. There are many different types of treatment for osteoarthritis that do not involve medications, and some are therapy based while others are lifestyle based. One of the most common and often simplest ways that people try to manage their condition is with an osteoarthritis diet. It may sound a little extreme, but making dietary changes can be a simple and easy way to help manage some of the symptoms of the condition. The key focal points of an osteoarthritis diet are to reduce inflammation, build stronger cartilage, and reduce body weight, all of which…

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