Seasonal Allergies Eye Symptoms

Seasonal Allergies Eye Symptoms – Fatigue, Sore Throat, Dizziness

It’s commonly thought that seasonal allergies eye symptoms only occur at the beginning of the spring, when pollen counts are high and gentle spring breezes blow around all the microscopic bits and pieces. However, every single season has its own set of triggers and symptoms from winter all the way back around to fall. Spring and summer do however tend to be the worst seasons for encountering allergy eyes and their associated counterparts including dizziness, sore throat and fatigue. In this article we will cover seasonal allergies eye symptoms and more!

Spring allergies are most often caused by pollen, and while flowers are easy targets for being perpetrators, it’s actually the following grasses and trees that are most often to blame:

  • cottonwood
  • elm
  • hickory
  • juniper
  • maple
  • pine
  • poplar
  • sycamore

And, even the grass under our feet including Timothy, sweet vernal and Bermuda grass can all also be to blame for bringing about seasonal allergies eye symptoms. Spring allergies symptoms most often include nasal discomfort including a running and itchy nose that can be accompanied by a sore throat and coughing. The eyes are also affected often with pollen allergy symptoms and they can be watery and develop dark circles underneath as a result.

Summer allergies are most often caused by pollen, same as spring. But, since trees are often done spreading about their seeds by this time of year, it’s the weeds that take over and combine with grasses to make a terrifying place for people with pollen allergies:

  • blue grasses
  • orchard grasses
  • weeds like ragweed and Russian thistle

Seasonal Allergies SymptomsWeeds in particular are problematic for summer allergy sufferers because the pollen they release are quite prolific travelers. Even those not living in an area where certain weeds like rag weed are present and grow can still feel miserable as a result of them, because their tiny particles are carried in the wind for very long distances. Like those encountered in the spring, pollen based summer allergies are quick to bring about a case of allergy eyes including watering and dark circles along with itching, sneezing, coughing and fatigue.

Unfortunately for people with sensitivity to pollen, both spring and summer can be unpleasant, as a long growing season means that seasonal allergies eye symptoms can last from the time winter’s chill departs until the time it returns. Interestingly enough, it’s possible that the same cold that keeps seasonal allergies symptoms at bay during the period between fall’s end and spring’s begin may provide the same relief to the body for the periods in-between.

Whole Body Cyrotherapy also known as cryosauna is a type of treatment that uses externally applied extreme cold to treat and whole wide range of health conditions. The therapy has become quite popular in the US and Europe for conditions like arthritis and injuries pain relief. Cryotherapy Health And Wellness Inc in Toronto, Canada now proudly offers options for those looking to freeze away their ailments. While incredibly popular for providing relief for muscle injuries and generalized pain, cyrotherapy is also thought to be an effective method for how to stop allergies.

So how does it work? In theory, it’s possible that cryotherapy may provide relief for seasonal allergies eye symptoms by preventing them in the first place by fixing flaws in the body’s immune system. It’s generally accepted that the core of allergic response is a glitch in the body’s defences that promotes the attack of stimuli that other people’s bodies find harmless. This attack is what is responsible for seasonal allergies symptoms. Cryotherapy is thought to correct these anomalies in the immune process and prevent it from attacking harmless natural triggers, and therefore may provide both immediate and long term relief from trigger based environmental allergy symptoms.

Because of the popularity and success of cryotherapy pain relief, the practice is becoming much more commonplace and easier to find and easier to afford. While there is no doubt that the cost of cryotherapy ($45-$60/session) exceeds the nominal price tag of over the counter allergy medications, in the long term it’s easily justifiable. The cold therapy process may provide a long term and permanent solution to seasonal allergies, and the benefits of cryotherapy can be enjoyed throughout the body in the form of relief from conditions like arthritis, eczema, sleep disorders and even disorders of the libido. For the period in between winter’s last icy breath until the moment that it breathes again, the cold it provides may provide all the relief needed for seasonal allergies eye symptoms like allergic watery eyes, dizziness and a sore throat.

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