Seasonal Allergy Relief

Seasonal Allergy Relief – Home Remedies And OTC Alternatives

For many people, allergies start when the snow melts and the trees begin to get their leaves. And, they last until the snow falls again and the trees go bare. This leaves an incredible portion of the year during which many are looking for seasonal allergy relief. Most turn to over the counter products – typically antihistamines – that block the body’s receptors to the otherwise benign and harmless microscopic pollen particles. However, even the best allergy medication isn’t devoid of side effects, and often the drowsiness and dry mouth associated with everyday medications can be unbearable. But, there are many other options aside from prescription and over the counter medications that consistent sufferers can turn to in order to make seasonal allergy relief less of a burden and less likely to lead to unwanted side effects.

Some options for natural relief come in the form of home remedies. Some of these, such as soothing peppermint tea, do a fine job of providing temporary seasonal allergy relief from symptoms such as congestion and a sore throat. Cooling menthol combined with hot tea can help to relieve many common symptoms for a short time. Saline rinses are also incredibly popular and they can help to overcome some of the drainage and mucus that are the hallmarks of pollen allergy symptoms. However, many home remedies provide only temporary seasonal allergy relief and don’t necessarily come in the form of treatment, per se. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t natural options available.

Herbal remedies like stinging nettle have long been used to combat allergy symptoms thanks to their natural antihistamine properties. And, unlike over the counter remedies, they don’t lead to drowsiness and other side effects that pills and capsules can contain. However, like home remedies, herbal options typically tend to provide only symptomatic seasonal allergy relief. Thankfully, there are options that provide longer lasting results without side effects or symptom masking. Alternative therapy options like acupuncture and cryotherapy may just be the answer to how to stop allergies altogether.

Early studies involving the use of the ancient practice of acupuncture for allergies have yielded some surprising results. Although it’s possible that placebo effects are present, some individuals receiving acupuncture have been able to reduce their need for antihistamine medications over time. More research is needed to determine if acupuncture for allergies is a genuinely viable solution for seasonal allergy relief, however, it’s demonstrated positive effects in some individuals.

But, one surprising natural treatment may just answer the question of how to stop allergies altogether. Whole Body Cryotherapy, a process by which the surface of the entire body, head excepted, is deep chilled in a cryotherapy cold sauna. This technique was originally popularized for use in people with arthritis and athletes with muscle injuries and those looking to recover more quickly following physical exertion. However, as popular as the therapy has become as a choice for natural pain relief, other body beneficial perks have been established too, including the potential for relieving seasonal allergies.

An overactive immune system that sees common and harmless particles, such as pollens from trees, weeds and grasses is thought to be the source of allergy symptoms. Cryotherapy is thought to be able to help reset the immune system and essentially restore it to a healthy, default level. In time, this may mean fewer symptoms for allergy sufferers and the budding for long term seasonal allergy relief in some individuals.  The process may have other benefits as well. Those wondering can allergies cause headaches may find cryotherapy an ideal option as the treatment has been shown to not only bring about pain relief, but provide benefits to sufferers of headaches and sinus issues as well. In short, Whole Body Cryotherapy is thought to positively affect numerous processes throughout the body safely and naturally and in otherwise healthy people free from contraindications, is side effect free when used properly by a trained professional. The practice is becoming very popular in Canada and is trickling southward as high profile athletes sing its praises.

Seasonal allergy relief can come in many forms, and there are both temporary short term choices and longer term treatment options as well. Over the counter products are simply not for everyone, and home remedies, herbal options and alternative treatment therapies may fill in where pills fall short. It’s important to seek medical advice if you are unsure how to cope with your seasonal allergies, and if you’re looking for a different way to achieve seasonal allergy relief, why not consider something from the spice rack or all over deep freeze instead?


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