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Cryogenic Chamber for Athletes Vs Cryosauna – Which To Choose?

Cryogenic Chamber for Athletes

Whether you are a sportsman or a martial artist, you are prone to common sports injuries such as neck and shoulder pain, muscle-tendon injuries, and upper leg pain. Thus, to maintain your peak performance you may consider cryotherapy to treat the injuries in a cryogenic chamber for athletes or a cryosauna. Even the taekwondo legendary Steven…

Cryotherapy Muscle Recovery – 10 Facts For Athletes

Cryotherapy Muscle Recovery

Whether you are Muay Thai fighter or a baseball player, there is a wide array of pain alleviating treatments with the rest, ice, compress, elevate (R.I.C.E) being among the traditional go-to methods. However, more athletes are embracing the cryotherapy muscle recovery treatments as part of their elite sports therapy. Why? During the session, the skin is significantly cooled…