What Is Whole Body Cryotherapy and Cryosauna?

Curious to learn what is cryotherapy and what do so many world-class athletes rave about? Read on to find out!

Localized Vs Whole Body

To best understand what is cryotherapy, let’s take a quick look at two existing types of medical cryo pocedures: localized and general for the entire body.

Localized cryotherapy is a freezing pain treatment that utilizes  liquid nitrogen-filled hand-held cryospray device. It is often used by medical professionals as a method to treat smaller areas of some cancers (a procedure called cryosurgery), including prostate cancer, and localized nerve irritation-related conditions such as pinched nerves. Localized cryo skin treatment in dermatology is also commonly used to remove warts and skin tags, as well as to treat abnormal skin cells.

By contrast, Whole Body Cryotherapy is a general pain treatment method designed for the entire body. Its all-around treatment action facilitates the well-being of the body on a cellular, energetic and nerve levels. Cryotherapy for pain management technique has been praised for offering comprehensive long-lasting benefits physically and aesthetically. We at Cryotherapy Health And Wellness Inc. specialize in this general method of holistic cryotherapy in Toronto area, so read on to learn what is cryotherapy used for, how it works, and what benefits it offers!

Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

Although Whole Body Cryotherapy is relatively a newcomer to the North American soil, its practices date back to Japan, where the use of localized cryo treatment procedures in the 1970’s and then cryotherapy cold sauna therapy method to treat rheumatoid arthritis in the 1980’s became widely popularized after a series of successful treatments and research studies. The methodology and cryo treatment approach were then further developed in Europe, with advancements in a wide range of medical specialties. Polish scientists took the concept from the Japanese and made Whole Body Cryotherapy into physical therapy it is now, with the Olympic rehabilitation center in Spala having opened its doors to many athletes in training needing injury rehabilitation, in May 2000.

Today Whole Body Cryotherapy is making strides internationally as an all-around form of aesthetic and pain relief treatment whose benefits exclude no one. What is cryotherapy generally best known for? Pain relief from sports injuries! Cryotherapy in sports medicine has been rapidly gaining popularity with a growing number of elite rugby and soccer players, track and field athletes and professional cyclists in Europe and the United States getting regular cryotherapy pain relief management sessions. Although this area of natural medicine is currently not regulated in Canada, US or Europe, which makes it difficult to estimate exactly how many athletes are currently using the Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment, research suggests that the numbers are increasing fast! Watch the 2008 US Olympic marathoner Dathan Ritzenhein discover what is cryotherapy hype all about  in this short video.

Easy As A-B-C, Quick As 1-2-3

What is cryotherapy equipment used for cryo procedure called? The cryotherapy cold sauna or Cryosauna cabin emits an extremely dry cold mist that results in a dramatic yet brief reduction in body temperatures. A typical whole body cryo procedure lasts 2-3 minutes and is described to be tolerable and more comfortable with each session. This stimulates all regulatory functions of the body, optimizing all processes to work to their fullest potential. It works to correct physiological processes, restore natural balance and stimulate the body’s metabolism and immune system, maintaining long-lasting effects well after the treatment.

A Blizzard of Benefits in a ‘Cool’ Package

The Whole Body treatment offers a multitude of benefits unmatched by any other, making it the ideal non-invasive, holistic treatment.

Are you aiming to heal a temporary ailment from an injury, back or neck pain, or a chronic condition such as arthritis or osteoporosis, or even eczema, get relief from seasonal allergies, boost physical performance during exercise or just improve your looks via faster weight loss or younger-looking skin? Whether you are looking to improve your health or maintain a currently healthy status, a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment is your best answer to enhancing your quality of life and overall well-being without the harsh side effects that often occur with some other popular treatment procedures!

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