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Welcome to Cryotherapy Toronto, the online home and a comprehensive info hub for ‘Cryotherapy Health and Wellness Inc.’! We aspire to help people improve their health naturally by achieving heightened physical and psychological performance via a series of short whole body rapid cooling sessions. Our philosophy inspires to enhance our valued clients’ quality of life by reaching and sustaining a state of optimal homeostasis through the regular use of whole body Cryotherapy for an overall state of well-being, inside and out.

Our whole body Cryotherapy services are conveniently located in Toronto North, Ontario where we open the door to a comprehensive approach to natural health. Our Cryotherapy sauna treatments strive to address a wide variety of physical and mental health problems.

Cryo treatment procedures for the entire body have earned their great reputation thanks to the professional athletes who are known to use Cryotherapy for sports injuries relief, to accelerate the healing of temporary injuries, and improve athletic performance. However, ever since cryogenic chamber therapy had been recommended by America’s favorite life coach, Tony Robbins, the popularity of whole body Cryotherapy in Toronto and the rest of Canada has soared!

While pain relief may arguably be one of the best known health benefits of whole body cryo treatment procedures, so is weight loss! Every cryo session stimulates the body to burn between 500 and 800 calories and increases the metabolic rate, thus resulting in a faster fat loss. Furthermore, Cryo skin treatment has shown to improve the skin’s natural appearance and slow down the signs of the aging process via an increased production of collagen. The whole body Crytherapy procedure has even shown a reduction or, in some cases, elimination of seasonal allergies! It is also praised for helping to reduce stress and simply promoting general good health while achieving a youthful appearance.

Cryotherapy in Toronto is considered to be a non invasive and generally safe treatment, and had shown to have a positive effect on most aspects of everyday life with its long list of health benefits. Cryotherapy side effects and risks are extremely rare and can easily be avoided by becoming aware of some contraindications

With the cost of Cryotherapy treatment becoming more affordable, you, too, can now enjoy all its benefits. In addition to our Cryotherapy Toronto pay-as-you-go treatment option, we offer 3 attractive packages that would best suit your needs and budget, as well as monthly specials and promotions. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will gladly answer all your questions pertaining to this safe procedure and help you determine whether this treatment is right for you. 

The best of Cryotherapy in Toronto is only a phone call or an e-mail away, so don’t delay and try this amazing and effective “cooler way to health” today!  

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