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Best Osteoporosis Hip Pain Relief: Cryo Sauna Vs Infrared Lamp Sauna

In the battle against the pain and discomfort caused from osteoporosis, the literal depletion of bone matter, there is some debate about which method of temperature based alternative therapy is best. Proponents of the infrared lamp sauna method attest that they can provide hip pain relief from conditions like osteoporosis, while athletes and celebrities have quickly turned their attention to whole body cryo sauna treatments for their evident health benefits. In fact, from professional sports teams to the well known cryotherapy endorsement by Tony Robbins, the deep freeze technology has been all the buzz recently. But, which is best for hip joint pain caused from osteoporosis? And, can either provide long lasting effects?
Both methods work in similar ways. By changing the external temperature of the body, internal changes occur that promote natural pain relief and internal healing. Both methods promote circulation benefits as well as purported detoxification benefits. However, there are some reasons why a cryo sauna, such as the one available exclusively at Cryotherapy Health & Wellness Inc. center, may be a better choice for hip pain relief over their toasty, sweaty counterparts.
For instance, there are no side effects associated with whole body cryo treatment. There are some safety concerns for certain individuals such as those with conditions or diseases of the heart or kidneys (doctor should be consulted prior to receiving treatment), and there are procedural tasks that must be employed to ensure the safe use of cryotherapy for pain management. However, in healthy individuals who take the steps necessary to use a cryo sauna safely, adverse reactions are unlikely. Conversely, the use of infrared saunas for hip pain relief or other maladies can lead to dehydration and discomfort like dizziness. In this case, the mild and very short-lived discomfort associated with lowering the body’s temperature via a cryo sauna might seem much more tolerable for osteoporosis patients than the infrared sauna.
There is also the evidence to consider. No doubt, both whole body cryotherapy and infrared saunas can leave users invigorated and feeling excellent following the therapy. It’s for these reasons that professional athletes have turned to them as a solution following big events as a means to reduce the down time between their performances. A rapid boost in circulation coupled with the abundant flow of freshly oxygenated blood throughout the body can lead to quicker recovery following physical activity. This is in addition to temporary natural hip pain relief, relief from neck, shoulder, muscle and joint aches, and pains due to various types of sports injuries including soft tissue and MCL knee injuries. The difference is that while most cryotherapy results are not immediate (multiple sessions are required) they tend to be longer lasting. Instead of providing a short term solution, a cryo sauna has the potential to provide the best long term osteoporosis hip pain relief. Over two to six week periods, a user’s range of motion can be increased, their pain and swelling can be reduced and their skeletal muscles relax for further relief.
There are many different joint pain causes; however osteoporosis as the source can cause daily discomfort and an ever more likely growing risk of falls and fractures. Over-the-counter medications, prescription medications and even topical products are often used in the treatment of the condition, while alternative treatment methods like infrared saunas and cry saunas are still relatively unknown. While it may sound like a treatment of the future, cry saunas are not new technology, and were developed several decades ago to treat the internal discomfort caused from conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. They may just be one of the best solutions for hip pain relief that many people are missing out on.

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