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10 Best Dr Oz Anti Aging Products And Treatments Reviewed!

Dr Oz Anti Aging

When it comes to getting older, it’s hard to ignore Dr Oz anti aging advice, and there’s no shortage of it. Over the years, everyone’s favorite celebrity doctor has interviewed a wide range of skin care experts from plastic surgeons to holistic healers which has yielded a wide variety of products and treatments that may be able to help turn back the hands of time. Although it’s impossible to discuss the large amount of anti aging secrets that Dr. Oz has divulged over the years, some real clear winners have emerged that can help to reduce the signs of aging through various topical applications and procedures. The 10 best Dr Oz anti aging tips are found below, and might change the way that many people…

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Side Effects Vs Photofacial Vs Cryosauna

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

In general, photo rejuvenation is a technique by which intense pulsed light lasers (IPL) are used to correct some skin conditions as well as reverse some of the signs of aging, such as wrinkles. The procedure may be called IPL skin rejuvenation or photofacial rejuvenation, however the methods are one in the same. The way in which this procedure works is by producing controlled wounds on the skin’s surface and in turn, the body responds by producing new and healthy cells in order to repair itself. There are some side effects associated with an IPL photofacial, and some people find the procedure itself uncomfortable or even painful. Conversely, whole body cryotherapy for skin is associated with fewer side effects and less user discomfort while providing…