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Grass Vs Tree Pollen Allergy Symptoms – 10 Facts You Must Know!

Pollen Allergy Symptoms

Pollen allergies affect millions of people all throughout the year. They cause puffy and itchy eyes, scratchy throats, running noses and even coughs. While the basics about pollen allergies from grasses, trees and weeds are pretty well known, there are some shocking facts that many people overlook that can make staving off, managing and treating pollen allergy symptoms a whole lot easier!

Seasonal Allergy Relief – Home Remedies And OTC Alternatives

Seasonal Allergy Relief

For many people, allergies start when the snow melts and the trees begin to get their leaves. And, they last until the snow falls again and the trees go bare. This leaves an incredible portion of the year during which many are looking for seasonal allergy relief. Most turn to over the counter products – typically antihistamines – that block the body’s receptors to the otherwise benign and harmless microscopic pollen particles. However, even the best allergy medication isn’t devoid of side effects, and often the drowsiness and dry mouth associated with everyday medications can be unbearable. But, there are many other options aside from prescription and over the counter medications that consistent sufferers can turn to in order to make seasonal allergy relief less…

5 Worst All Natural Remedies For Allergies to Pollen!

Natural Remedies For Allergies

When winter gives way to spring and flowers begin to bloom, most people are happy and excited to welcome in a new season. For pollen allergy sufferers, however, the onset of the busy season can signal the start of a season filled with discomfort and unpleasant symptoms. Most seasonal allergies are treated with medications whether they be prescription or over the counter. But, these types of products often come with side effects that can be unpleasant, such as drowsiness or dry mouth. To avert these side effects, many people turn to natural remedies for allergies. But, all natural options are not created equal. Some are less effective than others, while others are impractical or unproven. We’ve put together a list of the five worst choices for natural remedies for allergies, so that…