Athletes Using Cryotherapy

Athletes Using Cryotherapy – Pros and Sports Teams

Masses of athletes using cryotherapy are switching to this revolutionary healing technology from a technique that’s originally been used for as long as anyone can remember.  It is a known fact that professional and amateur athletes have historically been using ice-packs and ice baths to recover from sports injuries and muscle soreness. The not-so-comfortable ice-bath process normally takes about 30 minutes to be completed and is pretty one-dimensional in that it targets strictly the localized inflamed and painful areas of the body.

The latest health craze that has quickly earned a “here to stay” attitude, Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), which uses no water at all, takes only 2 minutes and has an impressive list of health benefits that go well beyond dealing with inflammation and soreness.

The extreme cold athletes using cryotherapy feel inside the cryosauna or a cryogenic chamber (for larger groups of people) forces the body to essentially go into survival mode, which in turn forces the newly oxygenated blood supply to move to the most critical organs.

Below is a brief list of some of the athletes using cryotherapy, as well as entire sports teams! At Cryotherapy Toronto, we specialize in working with athletes (in addition to anyone who has body aches and/or other health issues and seeks an immune system boost), so please book your free consultation appointment using this form, or better yet, purchase your cryo session today directly on our website here.

Athletes Using Cryotherapy

Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest (and wealthiest, with a $350 Million net worth) boxers of his era.

Lebron James

Kobe Bryant

Steph Curry

Usain Bolt

Cristiano Ronaldo

Justin Gatlin

Alberto Salazar  (Nike Runners)

Rener Gracie (Jiu-Jitsu master)

Sean Fagan

NFL: A survey of NFL Nation reporters confirmed that over 15 NFL teams either have the cryogenic chamber technology installed on-site (such as New Orleans and Tampa Bay) or have athletes using cryotherapy off-site at other private facilities. (Source: Freezing Yourself to Help Heal Yourself: The NFL Goes Cryo)

Detroit Lions – The team had a portable cryosauna unit brought in by former center Dominic Raiola, who now co-owns Cryospa Detroit (a cryosauna facility), during training camp. Raiola saw Lions athletes using cryotherapy at his locations and then trying to make it back for practices and meetings. So he decided to bring the tech to them instead because “it made it more convenient to let them use it after their meetings and at night before they went to bed.” (Source:

LA Lakers

Phoenix Suns

Dallas Mavericks

New York Knicks


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