Muay Thai Training In Toronto

Muay Thai Training In Toronto – 5 Best Locations

Muay Thai training is offered by various schools in Toronto. This martial art is recently becoming quite popular. It is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. It is also called the art of eight limbs because of the involvement of many parts.

Muay Thai training is tough and needs proper gear to avoid sports injury. However, one still can face injuries and cramps because the training is quite tough and involves lots of strength. If you are not very sporty, it is always good to start exercising before you start taking your Muay Thai training classes. It will help you get used to physical exertion.  Many beginners face leg and shoulder injuries while most of them experience body pains. There are many effective ways to get these injuries and muscle stiffness treated. Cryotherapy is one of these methods which involves lowering body temperature to heal sports injuries and relax muscles. This helps in pain relief.

The Taekwondo vs Muay Thai debate is often heard. Although Muay Thai techniques are different, still there are a few similarities. However, it’s a matter of personal choice whichever technique you want to go for.

There are many schools in Toronto that are teaching Muay Thai. It is always a tough decision to pick out one. However, reviews and a little research always help. We have compiled a list of a few best Muay Thai schools in Toronto for your guidance. We advise doing a bit of research on your own too. Following are a few good Muay Thai schools in Toronto:

1. Old School Muay Thai:

It is a Toronto-based Muay Thai school that is quite popular among fitness lovers. Old School Muay Thai is one of the original gyms in Toronto, founded by Kru James Hines, the first student of Canada’s Thai champion. The people who have had their training there say that the instructor is helpful and hardworking. The environment is friendly and there are less students per class as compared to other schools, allowing instructors to give individual instructions. The fee is also reasonable.

2. Primal MMA Academy:

It is a Toronto-based academy that is very well-known and has lots of positive reviews. The academy is clean, the instructors are good and friendly, and the fees are reasonable. Besides, they offer a wide range of martial arts classes. It is a double-story big gym. They offer BJJ, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay-Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Russian Sambo, Self-Defence, Strength Training as well as Private Instruction and Personal Training.

3. Krudar Muay Thai:

Krudar Muay Thai gym is a popular place for its energetic environment and friendly members. The fee structure is reasonable and the courses they offer are good. They offer personal training as well. The class levels are divided according to expertise in beginner, intermediate, and expert. They are operating at two locations in Toronto. They welcome guests who want to observe the practices during a class so it provides a good chance to take a decision after watching it.

4. Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai Academy:

This is a popular academy in Toronto for both Muay Thai and kickboxing. While most martial arts and kickboxing schools emphasize tradition, strictness, and rigid conformity, the environment at this academy is relaxed and non-judgmental. It offers classes at an economical price.

5. T.H.A Martial Arts & Kickboxing:

This academy is very popular among the people who start martial arts for the first time. Instructors are friendly and supportive. They give special attention to beginners. The environment of the academy is clean, energetic, and welcoming.

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