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Infrared Sauna Weight Loss Calories Vs Cryosauna

Sauna Weight Loss

Both hot and cold have been used to help people shed unwanted pounds, and although hot sauna weight loss methods are pretty well known, the chilled version is perhaps less so. This is unfortunate because there is a lot of science behind why keeping things cool may be better than warming them up in terms of sauna weight loss, and it’s because cool and calorie burning historically have gone hand in hand. Hot rock saunas that induce mass amounts of sweating have always been popular amongst tips for losing weight. However, there is little evidence to suggest they do much more than relax the muscles and relieve stress and tension. But, a new type of hot sauna weight loss regimen is becoming more popular, and…

5 Tips for Losing Weight Naturally You Must Try!

Tips for Losing Weight

Summer bodies are made in the winter, however many of us feel doomed when it comes to not only losing weight naturally in the winter, but also keeping from gaining weight in the  winter.  Every year, many of us make the New Years’ resolution that this will be the year that they  lose weight…and often, by the end of the month, that resolution has gone out the window and we fail to follow the tips for losing weight naturally, even though some of them may seem pretty straight-forward. But, why is this so? Why is it so difficult to lose weight, especially in the winter? There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat and therefore, in order to lose one pound of  weight per…